Bass Fishing Basics – 7 Tips Every Beginner Should Know

Bass fishing is by far the most popular game fish of them all worldwide. If you have not tried your hand at bass fishing then you are surely missing out. I have comprised a list of bass fishing basics and 7 tips that every beginner should know.

These 7 tips every beginner bass fisherman should know are based solely off of my own experiences. I have been bass fishing for over 30 years now. Follow these tips and you will be catching bass is no time.

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1. What do bass eat?

Knowing what bass eat in the habitat that you are fishing will be crucial to your success. This may be easier than you think however. Simply take an extra minute to walk around the banks and see what life you can find.

Is there minnows swimming in the water?

Are there insects landing on the surface?

Look for other signs of life as well such as crayfish, worms, and even small birds.

Bass are predator fish and you may be surprised what they will go after for a meal.

2. Bass Habitat and Location

Now that we know what bass are going to be feeding on, we need to determine where they may be located. Bass are at the top of the food chain in most water ways. They are going to be looking for areas of opportunity to strike a unsuspecting fish.

Imagine what you see on the shore line extending into the water. Things such as rock piles, tress, grass, stumps, and boat docks are just a few things that bass may use. These areas provide opportunity to hide and ambush pray.

Key in on these areas with your lures and baits in order to cash in a a trophy bass. You will not be disappointed.

3. Bass Baits That Work

Now that we know what are bass may be eating and possibly where they are holding up, its time to select a bait to catch these monster bass.

Bait such as minnows, crayfish, crickets, and worms are among the most common types of bait. Grab yourself a minnow bucket in order to keep your bait as fresh as possible. You can also buy cricket cage and catch your own grasshoppers and crickets.

I prefer to float these live baits on a bobber or float for the most success. Fishing with floats and bobbers can be very rewarding if done correctly. Click the link to see how I like to use fishing floats.

4. Best Lures to Catch Bass

By far the most popular and maybe the most successful way to catch bass is by using artificial baits called lures. Lures take many different forms and can be presented in many different ways.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of bass fishing lures out there. So how do you know which bass lures are right for you?

I say stick to the basics and start with the lures that have proven themselves time and time again over the years. Lures such as rubber worms, crankbaits, small swimbaits, and jigs are at the top of that list.

Click the links above to learn how to fish each of these techniques.

5. Water Temperature for Bass

Water temperature for bass is crucial to success. In order to keep this simple were going to say that a good average temperature for bass fishing is 70 degrees. The will vary depending on time of year and feeding habits as well as location and habitat.

Keep in mind that as a general rule of thumb when fishing warmer water you may fish faster. When fishing colder water you will want to fish slower.

In the warmer time of the year don’t be afraid to try lures such as buzzbaits, spinnerbaits, frogs, and larger swimbaits.

6. Bass Love Moving Water

Bass love to find moving water. Moving water brings fresh food and better oxygenated water. Both of which are necessary to a bass’ survival.
Look for areas such as river inlets, points, and channels. These areas will have moving water as well and abundant bait.

Don’t ignore areas like hydro dams these can be very rewarding as well.

If you find yourself fishing in moving water don’t rule out throwing lures such as lipless crankbaits and swim jigs.

7. Be Different and Have Fun

Don’t be afraid to throw something different that everyone else. This is what will set you apart from other anglers. If you use the same lures or bait that everyone else is using you are going to just be another pole in the water.

Dare to be different and it will pay off for you in the end.

Having fun is the most important tip that I can give you. If you do not have fun fishing then whats the point?

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