Fly Fishing Small Streams For Trout

No longer under the shade of the canopy, the sun shines down on the back of his neck. Tree limbs fold up and around him. A quick flick back and forward with his rod is all that is needed to send the drowning ant into the plunge pool. A slight line twitch and then a

8 Stillwater Fly Fishing Tips and Tactics

Whether it was the local lake, or farm pond, most of us got our fishing start on stillwater. As we got older, we seemed to slowly move away from our roots and found ourselves entranced by big rivers filled with strong currents and even stronger fish.

Stillwater Fly Fishing Techniques to Catch More Fish

When you think of fly fishing, your first thoughts are normally of large western rivers full of powerful brown trout, or cool mountain streams with bright brookies. Really any type of lake or pond can produce just as good fishing as any moving body of water.

Best Trout Bait For Ponds, Stocked Fishing

Trout Fishing is an exciting, fun, and thrilling activity to engage in during the year. There is no better way than to pass the time and try your luck. Today I am going to outline pond trout and the best trout bait for ponds. Spring may just be the best time to fish for trout,

Top 5 Elite Crankbaits for Bass

Here at A Man and His Rod we are gearing up for some epic spring bass fishing. As we prepare our gear for the 2019 bass fishing season we decided to put together the top 5 elite crankbaits for bass.

Best Trout Fishing Lures 2019

So you want to catch some trout in 2019 huh? Well, you have definitely come to the right spot. I have been trout fishing my entire life in lakes, rivers, and streams. I have done some research and come up with what I believe are the best trout fishing lures of 2019.

Redington Wader Review – Palix River Waders

Are you an adventure junkie who also has a passion for fishing? Well, you have come to the right place. Today I am reviewing one of the most important pieces of gear in my arsenal, the Redington Wader Review - Redington Palix River Waders.

7 Insane Bass Fishing Lures to Slay 2019

Bass fishing is something like a drug. That's the best description I can give it. Hookin up with a huge bucket mouth is a feeling like no other. I have search the internet researching the 7 most insane bass fishing lures to slay in 2019, the following list is what I have come up with.