best squar bill crankbaits for bass fishing

7 Best Square Bill Crankbaits for Bass Fishing Shallow Water

When bass are feeding up shallow, my preferred method to catch them is a square bill crankbait. Although this is a killer way to catch fish, not all square bill crankbaits are created equal. Having the wrong one tied on could be killing your catch rate.

Because of that, I have assembled this post to show you some outstanding square bill crankbaits on the marketplace! To note, these items are not in any particular order. These are my favorites in a helpful list.

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Top 7 Best Square Bill Crankbaits

Shallow water crankbait fishing is one of the most fun ways to catch bass. A good square bill crankbait is one that can run shallow in that 1-5 foot depth, it has to have great action, and obviously, it has to catch fish.

Most anglers, including myself, like a shallow running crankbait that has a nice wobble motion from side to side. This gives a more erratic action as well as displacing a little bit more water than if it just ran straight and true.

Let’s get into the list of cranks and where I like to fish them.

1. Rapala Balsa Xtreme Brat

rapala extreme brat

The Rapala Balsa Xtreme Brat has a Balsa Core and Copolymer Outer Shell, a modified Flat Side, and a “V” Cut Belly with Hard Flash. Wild Tracking and Kick Outs target Bass/Multi-Species Gamefish and VMC Black Nickel Round Bend Hooks.

This high-performance crankbait mimics the motion of scared bait. Its flared tips and slim body shape are developed to produce a wild, tail-kicking action. The square bill deflects off the cover with ease, ideal for all scenarios. Select a style to match your regional hatch and include the BX Brat in your tackle box!

I love a good balsa crankbait for shallow water bass fishing. The action you get out of a good balsa bait cannot be a match in my opinion.

2. Lucky Craft CL 1.5

lucky craft cl 1.5

These lures change away from traditional balsa wood models to give you durable, highly responsive bait that can handle harsh conditions. It floats high and fast, stimulating the feeding urges of aggressive bass, and its square edge deflects off most obstructions to trigger reaction strikes. In rocks or timber, the Lucky Craft Square Bill Crankbait makes mincemeat out of its wooden cousins and of bass.

Product Specs: Size 2″, weight ½ OZ, Color Pearl Threadfin Shad.

Lucky Craft Lures has been around for a long time. You can bet that their products are going to catch fish but another great feature is the quality of these baits. I have never broke, bent, or smashed one of these lures. They stand the test of time.

3. Strike King KVD Square Bill 2.5

strike king kvd square bill 2.5

They are designed to the exact specifications of angling legend Kevin VanDam. Perfect for shallow water and power fishing. The square bill design and unique “hunting” action will

constantly “wander” with erratic movement while still running true. It also deflects perfectly off cover to entice strikes. The KVD Series of baits are designed with no internal rattles for a “silent” approach.

4. Berkley Squarebull

berkley square bill crankbait

With more natural flash than any other Berkley crankbait, the Frittside’s stealth technique forces strikes from slow fish before their defense reaction can start. Long casting and completely stabilized with a noticeable thump; hung with supersharp Fusion19 ™ hooks. This is the bait you desire when water temperatures are pressing the limits. More significant designs include a weighted expense to target bass to 10 rapidly’.

  • Designed by crankbait guru David Fritts
  • Flat-sided plug with a tight, silent wiggle
  • Flashiest of all Berkley bass crankbaits
  • Long casting and perfectly balanced
  • Supersharp Fusion19 hooks
  • Larger models have a weighted bill to get down fast

5. Lucky Craft LC 2.5 Silent

luck craf lc 2.5 crankbait

The LC Series 2.5 is the first high-quality plastic square bill crankbait ever made. Over the last several years, the LC Series crankbait has replaced balsa wood crankbaits in tackle boxes to cover fishermen everywhere. The LC Series is a high-floating plastic crankbait that is much

more durable than its predecessor wooden crankbaits. The LC Series reigns supreme in heavy hard rocky bottom areas where large bass lurk.

6. Rapala Xtreme Big Brat

rapala xtreme big brat

The BX Big Brat is a bully. Like its older brother, it has badly behaved and always looking for a fight Balsa inner core with an armor coating of the rugged copolymer; it is the most durable, fish catchin’ square bill ever.

Constantly searching for the next fight, the Rapala Balsa Xtreme Brat Squarebill Crankbait provides an aggressive wiggle and a super-tough building that is ready to go toe-to-toe with a big wheel. One tough little cookie, the

bomber crankbait

The Bomber Square A Crankbait dives to almost 3 feet and this little guy may have more wobble than the rest of these baits. These baits are made by Bomber Lures which is another trusted brand in the fishing industry.

These square bill crankbaits come in 2 sizes to match foliage.

Best Square Bill Storage

You can find square bill crankbaits in various sizes and color patterns. If you are anything like me, you’ll end up having a lot of different ones.

That’s where having the best storage system enters play. Make sure to find something that can easily store your lures from the beginning, like this tackle box.!

crankbait storage box

Square Crankbaits Frequently Asked Question

What is the best Color Crankbait?

The most effective color or shade of lure depends on the lake and water clarity. In dark or muddy water, brighter or darker shades are chosen. In clear water, natural-looking magnets and colors attract the fish.

Do you utilize weights?

Many anglers do not use weights on their crankbaits. Adding weights can be a considerable benefit in specific scenarios.

When should you toss crankbaits?

You can fish a crankbait year-round and capture a ton of bass. They are usually the most efficient in the summer season, fall and spring when the bass feed vigorously.

Just how quickly should I retrieve the lure?

You need to continuously adapt your retrieval rate to what the bass are reacting to. And, this will most likely change on any kind of offered day.

bass caught on square bill crankbait