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11 Best Topwater Fishing Lures to Catch More Bass

Imagine sitting on the shoreline of your favorite bass fishing spot. A calm cool morning with a little mist coming off the water. The Lilly pads are prefect and the bait is setting just off the edge of the first pad. You are working that Hula Popper in nice and slow and KABOOM!

Bass Fishing with Frogs – How to Catch Bass Like the Pros

You make the perfect cast and your frog hits the water. You pause with excitement awaiting what you hope to be a massive explosion. Twitch, twitch, twitch……. BOOM! Bass Fishing with frogs is one of the most fun for me. Being able to watch the bass come up and get your lure is one of the most rewarding things in fishing for me. Check out these tips on how to catch bass like the pros to increase your success next time out.

bass with fishing jig in its mouth

Jig Fishing for Bass – Back to the Basics

You would be hard pressed to find another bait as versatile as the jig. This bait has been used for decades to catch monster bass and fill limits with ease. I have comprised 3 key jig fishing basics to help you smash them bucket mouths!