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How to Fish a Senko for Bass [Tips and Tactics]

learning how to fish a senko for bass is quite possibly one of the best ways to put fish in the boat quickly.

Senko baits are also referred to sometimes as stick baits. A senko resembles a fat worm with tapered ends.

They can be rigged in a few different ways and we will cover that in just a moment.

As a senko falls through the water column its tips tend to flutter somewhat and can imitate injured fish.

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Types of Senko Baits

Luckily the styles of senkos do not change to much from brand to brand like other bass lures.

Often times the colors are even similar and you will find that senkos are best fished while sticking to your common colors.

The most popular senko baits out there on the market are hands down the Gary Yamamoto baits.

With more colors available than I care to count, yamamoto senko baits are a go to and a must have in your tackle arsenal.

Note that one end of the senko is tapered less than the other. That thick end is called the head. This is the end that you will insert you hook into for Texas rigging the soft plastic lures.

The image above depicts your standard senko bait or stick bait. There is another style of senko bait that is somewhat popular you should know about.

I’m referring to the swimming senko. The swimming senko is a little bit different in that you swim this bait instead of dead sticking it or twitching it.

gary yamamoto swimming senko bass lure

Outside of these two main styles of senko bass lures you will have variation in sizes.

Some people love to use larger senko baits to catch monster largemouth while others may prefer a smaller three inch senko for finicky winter bass.

Where to Fish a Senko

The senko may be the easiest bait to fish on the market. There is no wrong place for senko if I’m being honest. These lures are great to fish in all seasons and in all conditions. Personally I love using senkos while fishing in bass ponds where i regularly catch bass in the 3-5 pound range.

Target the following areas when senko fishing.

  • Docks
  • Brush
  • Rock Piles
  • Points
  • Tall Grass
  • Suspended Bass

As these baits fall bass will not be able to resist them. The natural motion that the senko falls with is what makes them irresistible.

The following video shows the senko under the water putting in work. This guy could have landed a few more fish if he had made some tweaks to his bait that I will cover later.

Notice the way the senko tips flutter while falling through the water? That’s the ticket!

How to Rig a Senko for Bass

Now there is a right and a wrong way to rig a senko. I would say that the way you rig your bait is the single most important aspect of senko fishing.

I put rigging over color or locations any day of the week with this lure.

Texas Rigging a Senko

When Texas rigging a senko you are creating a weedless way to fish this bait. This allows the lure to be completely weedless while the hook is not exposed. Texas rigging the senko will result in a faster sink rate that the method we will talk about next.

When rigged this way the bait will sway side to side as in falls. The side to side motion imitates an injured bait fish with remarkable similarity.

In a addition to the weightless Texas rig senko, there is one other MUST know method to rigging senko baits.

Wacky Rigged Senko

The wacky rigged senko is the best way to rig your lures when fishing open water, wood, rocks, or grass. This style of rigging allow the bait to fall mostly straight down while both ends flutter. The hook sits in the middle of the bait and is typically smaller size than a Texas rigged hook.

Wacky Rigging is so effective its not even fair!

Senko Fishing tips and Tactics

Here is a great video that really outlines how versatile these baits can be for bass fishing.

Recommended Senko Fishing Gear

The following is a quick list of gear that has been displayed in this article.

Two styles of hooks I recommend for senkos are the Gamakatsu EWG hook and the Berkley Fusion19 WeedlessWideGap Fishing Hooks

Gamakatsu EWG Hook

gamakatsu ewg hook

Berkley Fusion19 WeedlessWideGap Fishing Hooks

berkley senko hook

Wacky Rings – O-Rings for Wacky Rigging Senko Worms

Wacky Rig Tool 

Conclusion – How to Fish a Senko

I hope that you have learned a thing or two in regards to senko fishing. This article is designed to get you on the right path to catching more bass.

senko fishing tactics

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