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Best Trout Fishing Lures Proven to Catch Fish

Finding the best trout lures can be a challenge at times. Searching throught the hundreds of manufactures and thousands of fishing lures can take years. Throughout time there are is a small select batch of trout rigs that have roven to produce more fish than the rest.

If your not certain how to fish these lures that’s ok, dont sweat it. Below each lure you will find fishing tips and techniques designed to trout fishing for beginners learn more.

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#1. Panther Martin Spinner

Panther Martin

best trout lure

Best of the Best!

  • Icreased Vibration and Flash
  • Various Sizes
  • Many Colors
  • Sharp Quality Treble Hooks
  • Casts Easiliy and Accuratly

These trout fishing lures are a hands down favorite lure of many experienced anglers. The Panther martin lure company has lasted the test of time in the fishing industry. While these lures are ideal for bank fishing in lakes, they are equally effective in rivers and streams. Rainbow and brown trout are the main species caught by anglers, but bass, crappie, bluegill, carp and even catfish have been landed while fishing these baits.

The Panther Martin spinner has a uniqueness about its body style. The weight of the lure is actually attached to a wire frame. The tear drop shape allows the lure to be cast very well as it is arrow dynamic. Casting an 1/8 ounce Panther Martin 50 feet is not uncommon. The treble hook on these lures are durable as well not accumulating rust or bending for years under normal fishing conditions.

How to Fish Panther Martin Spinners

These inline spinners are unique as we have already stated. On retrieval, the lure blade spins at almost a 90 degree angle to the lure body.

These inline spinners are unique as we have already stated. On retrieval, the lure blade spins at almost a 90 degree angle to the lure body. Occasionally the lure itself will spin causing your line to spin. This creates “twist” in the fishing line and could lead to knots or rats nests in your spool.

the lure itself will spin causing your line to spin. This creates “twist” in the fishing line and could lead to knots or rats nests in your spool.

To prevent this, it’s recommended to always use a snap swivel when fishing inline spinners. The swivel will keep your line straight while still allowing the lure to spin freely.

How to Fish Panther Martin Fishing Lures

  1. Make Long Casts
  2. Fan Cast
  3. Make Multiple Casts to the Same Location
  4. Cover Water
  5. Change Colors Often
  6. Fish Varying Depths (top to bottom)
  7. Use 4-8 lbs Fishing LIne

The last thing worth mentioning here is tackle storage. A panther Martin put away wet will rust. Because these lures have a single wire frame and no swivel, there is no way to change the hook out if rust occurs. To prevent rust on the lures, open your lure box after each fishing trip and allow them to air dry. Using a towel or shirt can help dry lures as well.


  • Catches TONS of fish!
  • Easy to Use
  • Great Quality
  • Many Colors to Choose From
  • Sharp Treble Hooks
  • Insane Vibration
  • Intense Flash that Attracts Trout


  • Prone to Rust
  • Can Create Line Twist
  • Slightly More Expensive than Other Trout Lures

#2. Luhr Jensen’s Super Duper

Luhr Jensen Super Duper

super duper trout lure

Super Duper Key Features

  • Simple – Effective Design
  • Easy to Fish
  • Quality Components
  • High Visibility Under Water
  • Unmatched Presentation

While some might be surprised to see this lure at number 2, they can’t argue that the Super Duper catches fish. The reason we feature this trout fishing lure here is simply because of its diversity. The Super Duper can be fished from the bank, from the boat, or from the river’s edge.

The very shape of these lures is unique, the paint schemes are simple, and so are the methods of fishing them. You see the bend is these fishing lures cause erratic behavior. It doesn’t retrieve in a straight line and that drives the trout crazy. Similar to frantic or injured bait fish, the super duper is unpredictable while being retrieved.

The lure spins and tumbles while changing directions often. Fishing these lures is simple.

How to Fish the Super Duper

  1. Use LIght Fishing LIne (2-6 lb test)
  2. Retrieve Slowly
  3. Stop Retrieve Frequently
  4. Fan Cast
  5. Use small Snap Swivel

Fishing the Super Duper may be the easiest of all the lures on this list. Size and Color are teh most important decisions here. Using a light fishing line will allow the lure to “work” better in the water. The erratic motion is the goal when fishing these trout lures.

Super Duper lures are designed to flutter. Dead stick the lure (stop your retrieve and let sink) from time to time when fishing from the bank or boat. Trout love to hit these fishing lures while they flutter downward. Watch your line when performing this as it will be your only indication of a strike.


  • Unique Design
  • Fish it Anywhere
  • Great for Small Streams/Rivers
  • Catches all Sizes of Fish
  • Unmatched Action


  • Can Cause Line Twist
  • Difficult Fishing in Wind
  • Limited Color Options

#3. Rapala Original Floater Minnow

Rapala Original Floater

rapala trout lure

Rapala Key Features

  • Hard Durable Body
  • Razor Sharp Treble Hooks
  • Realistic Design
  • Multiple Color Options
  • Sold Everywhere

You may be hard pressed to find a fishing lure that has the big fish catching ability of the Rapala Minnow. These fishing lures have been in production for decades and have recorded more huge trout than maybe any other lure. The sheer design of this trout fishing lure screams eat me whiel swimming through the water column.

Sold in more stores than any other fishing lure, the original minnow comes in a multitude of colors and sizes. The most popular place these lures are fished is behind a boat while trolling. That does not mean however that these great lures cannot be fished from shore. In fact, fishing for trout in rivers with these lures is down right deadly in deep pooles and moving water alike.

The quality of these lures is top notch. You can beat the paint off these lures and they will still catch fish because of the side to side wobbling action in the water. The tail moves ever so slightly and the head slowly rolls back and forth creating a life like motion. The 07 model original floater is my go to size for lakes and rivers.

How to Fish the Rapala Original Floater

  1. Use Snap Swivel
  2. Make Long Targeted Casts
  3. Use 6-12 lb Fishing lIne
  4. Begin Retrieve Immediately Upon Entering the Water
  5. Vary Your Retrieves (slow to fast & erratic)
  6. Twitch Your Rod Tips from Time to Time
  7. Fan Cast
  8. Change Size and Color Often

When fishing the Rapala Original Floater Minnow it’s important to make many casts. Repetition and covering vast amounts of water is the key to getting strikes. These lures work especially well in moving water such as rivers or inlets into lakes.

Target large rock outcroppings and underwater ledges with these lures to entice more strikes. Making longer casts will allow your lure to dive deeper thus increasing your odds of catching giant rainbow and brown trout. Some anglers add lead stickers to the belly of these baits in order to get more depth. Although you sacrifice some action of the lure, getting to deeper water when fishing for summer trout may be worth it.


  • Life Like Presentation
  • Realistic Motion
  • Catched HUGE Fish
  • Easy to Use
  • Various Size Options
  • Multitude of Colow Patterns
  • Fished in Lakes and Rivers


  • Gets Fewer Strikes Than Other Lures
  • Price

#4. ACME KastMaster

Acme Kastmaster

Acme Kastmaster Spoon

Kastmaster Key Features

  • Spoon Design
  • Sharp Hook
  • Solid Durable Body
  • Heavy Duty
  • Multi-Species Lure

The Kastmaster just may be the most recognizable fishing lure on this list. Most fishermen have used a kastmaster at some point or another in their life. These machined lures are made of heavy metal or even tungsten. This allows these lures to be cast very long distances and fished at deeper depths than the rest of the lures on this list.

The design allows for erratic movement in the water without line twist. When you see these lures in action, not having line twists is kind of amazing. They spin and dart in all direction creating an injured baitfish appearence.

Caution and thicker fishing line is recommended while fishing these trout lures. Since these lures are fished close to the bottom, any pause in the retrieve will result in the lure getting stuck there. The sheer weight makes it difficult in shallow water to not get hung up form time to time. Luckily, these lures come in a multitude of sizes. Make sure you size down for shallow water fishing or when fishing rivers for trout.

How to Fish the Kastmaster Fishing Lure

  1. Make Long Casts
  2. Keep Retrieve Constant
  3. Use Appropriate Sized Kastmaster
  4. Use 6-10 lb Fishing LIne
  5. Fan Cast
  6. Target Rocks and Ledges

The Kastmaster can be fished almost anywhere, even the ocean. Thats right, the kastmaster can be fished in both fresh and salt water for trout. Common species of trout caught while fishing freshwater include rainbow trout.

Ironically one can have tremendous success fishing stocked trout ponds with the Kasmaster. Trout as large as five pounds have been taken from trout ponds and even larger fish have been caught in lakes.


  • Easy to Fish
  • Lifelike Action
  • Over 20 Colors
  • Various Sizes
  • Price
  • Catched Multiple Species of Trout
  • Freshwater and Saltwater Ready


  • Weight
  • Losing Lures on Bottom Stucture

#5. Blue Fox Classic Vibrax

Blue Fox Vibrax Spinner

#5 best trout lure

Vibrax Key Features

  • Bullet Body Design
  • Larger Profile
  • Flashy Presentation
  • Large Vibrations
  • Multi-Species Lure
  • Fished Anywhere

Coming in the final spot is the Blue Fox Vibrax Spinner. This lure is a favorite of many anglers when the bite gets tough. The reason being is the extreme vibration that this lure presents with in the water. Fish can feel these vibrations and use this sense to hunt down unexpecting prey.

The Vibrax is a versatile lure that can be fished in lakes, rivers and streams alike. The multiple sizes of the Blue Fox allow fishing at different depths easy and effectively. What many anglers love about these troutt fishing lures are the available colors. Blue Fox is known for its flashy not so normal colors of spinners.

How to Fish the Blue Fox Spinner

  1. Use Small Swivel
  2. Make Long Casts
  3. Fan Cast
  4. Target Structure Underwater
  5. Change Colors Frequently
  6. Use 4-8 lb Fishing Line

The cool thing about the Blue Fox, like other lures on this list, is that they can be fished in any body of water. These trout lures are great for bank fishing, kayak fishing, or trolling. Blue Fox spinners catch a multitude of species including trout, salmon, bass and crappie.


  • Over 37 Colors
  • Various Sizes
  • Durable Design
  • Reduced Line Twist
  • Weighted for Long Casts
  • Great for Bank Fishing


  • None
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