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11 Proven Trout Fishing Tips you can Trust

So you want more trout fishing tips huh? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In my almost 30 years of trout fishing I have caught some great trout. Every once and a while you have one of those days where everything falls into place.

A steady stream of bites begins, and your fishing day becomes one to remember for a lifetime.

I’m going to give you 11 proven trout fishing tips to catch more fish and have one of these days. 

Trout Fishing Tips

To start, if you have not already read my other post “Trout Fishing for Beginners” head over there by clicking the link. That article will bring you up to speed on the basics of trout fishing. 

Now, there really is no magic trout fishing formula to catch more fish.

You can increase your odds tromendously by using these 11 proven tips to catch more trout that I have learned over the years.

I am going to count it down form 11 to 1.

Read through to the end to see what my number 1 tip is for catching more trout. 

11. Fish Density 

Now this may go without being said but, know your water.You need to know that you have a healthy population of fish in your fishery.

Is your lake stocked with trout?

Is the population dependent on that?

You have to know this before you leave your house. 

Fishing For Stocked Trout is not the same as fishing for native trout. It is critical to know what kind of trout you are targeting.

10. Use Natural Bait for Trout

grasshopper on rock

Bait is no doubt the most popular way of fishing for trout. That’s why its way up here at number 10.

However, try and bring some sort of variety. I will take at least 2 different types, worms and one other option.

The worms are a must but some other options may include powerbait, eggs, minnows, or one of my favorites is actually catching grasshoppers in the summer. Fishing powerbait for rainbow trout is often frowned upon by serious trout anglers. The truth is though, powerbait can catch a ton of trout in a hurry.

Think about what is in the environment the time of year your fishing, that is what the fish are eating. 

9. Fishing with Trout Lures

Right behind bait for popularity is lures.

This is my favorite type of fishing. Lets keep it simple here though. Get yourself 3-5 lures that you have confidence in.

What I mean by this is think about the lures you always use because they have worked for you in the past.

If you have not used trout lures before don’t worry, I have a list of my own top five trout fishing lures that you can take a look at.

5 best trout fishing lures image

Click on the photo to see a solid top 5 trout lures list.

8. Changing Colors

A very under rated trout fishing tip is changing colors.

Whether fishing trout baits or trout lures its always a good idea to change colors if your not having success.

Use one color powerbait, or one color of a lure, for about an hour or so. If you don’t have any luck then go ahead and mix up the color.

powerbait trout fishing bait extra scent trout bait Berkley

If you continue to not have success then switch to something outside of your comfort zone. 

Sometimes that’s all it takes is for that one thing they have not seen someone put in front of them before. 

7. Trout Fishing Depth

When fishing for trout it is very important to find out the depth that they are at.

Depending on environmental factors they could be anywhere in the water column.Start near the surface and move your way deeper and deeper until your on the bottom. 

Fishing for trout in summer is much different than fishing in winter. I find that in the summer months trout move around more on the shorelines.

While trout fishing winter months fish can be caught near the surface of in the middle of the water column. Often times these fish will have to be caught using a slip bobber.

6. Presentation of Trout Bait and Lures

How you present your trout bait or trout lure could be the difference between a strike or not. When using trout baits you will be somewhat limited on how to present them.

If using worms, you can hook them multiple different ways. The same goes for minnows as well. 

I like to thread my worms onto the hook using a worm threader. This allows for a more natural look in the water and a larger profile.

When fishing trout lures there is a multitude of ways to present them to the fish.

Vary your retrieve speeds to entice more bites form the trout. Slower, faster, erratic, dead fall, these are all retrieves to try.

Think of how your bait may react or look in its natural environment, meaning when its not on your hook. 

5. Trout Fishing Location

When fishing from shore or a boat it is important to find where the fish are feeding.  In my article Trout Fishing for Beginners I talk about this as well. Finding that sweet spot. 

Simply put, if you are not catching the fish where you thought they should be… move on.

Walk down the shore further. Hop in the car and drive to another location on the lake. Grab the raft and paddle over to another spot.

Sure you may get lucky and fumble into a trout if you sat still all day but I like to be pro active instead of reactive. 

4. Natural Ambush Points

defined rock outcropping trout ambush point

An ambush point is something on the lake like a large rock pile, a tree, a point, finger, island, cliff, submerged bridge, or a sunken boat.

As I stated earlier trout are preditorial fish. They will use these location to ambush unsuspecting fry. Finding one of these locations could be vital to catching more trout.

They tend to like deeper water or at least be next to deeper water. I will focus on points and finger that have large rocks or rock piles with steep banks. 

3. Take Breaks

Okay I get it, this is not a huge tip for catching more trout. I cant tell you how many times I got into a rhythm and next thing I know I am half way through the day and not doing very well.

Take a break and eat lunch. Take that time to inspect your surroundings.

Are other people catching fish?

Are you fishing where you should be?

Have you tried all the baits you wanted to try?

Asking yourself these questions could unlock the answer that you needed all day. 

2. Avoid Public Honey Holes

One question you should be asking yourself before ever stepping foot at the water is whether or not you are fishing a very public spot that everyone talks about.

Are you going to the same spot everyone else is going to?

These spots can see a tremendous amount of pressure from fisherman. I guarantee you this affects the bite.

There is NEVER NEVER NEVER a time when you need to stand in a line with everyone else to catch trout. 

Now before we get to my number 1 tip of 11 Proven Tactics to Catch More Trout, I want you to start thinking of a place near you where you can put these other 10 tips into use.

Imagine a lake that has a good population of trout.

Somewhere we can fish bait and lures around natural barriers like fingers and points with boulders.

What tackle are you going to bring?

Are you going to stand in line with other fisherman to catch more trout?

Have you thought about all these things?

Here is my Number 1 tip proven to catch more trout….

1. Research & Plan

Now hold on, .don’t be mad.

Just a second ago I had you answer a few questions about what we have learned already.

The point was to get you to start planning your trip. Getting you to think of these things before you get to the lake.

Preparation is the key to a successful fishing trip. Pull out maps or google them. Read forums or blogs to gather information.

Go to the local sporting goods store and ask question about where it is you want to go. This may be just what you need to get an edge over the competition and catch more trout .

Conclusion – 11 Trout Fishing Tips

I hope you have enjoyed these trout fishing tips and it leads you to catching more trout. If you learned something chances are you will like my other articles as well. 

Drop me a comment below and let me know your thoughts. Did I leave anything off my list?

As always I would tremendously appreciate a follow on social media. Sharing with your friends is greatly appreciated. 

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Trout fishing tips and tactics for more fish!
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11 proven tactics to catch more trout

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