Catching Fall Bass: 5 Best Lure Setups for Big Bass

As the weather starts to cool down the fish instinctively know it’s time to fatten up for winter. Catching fall bass will depend on one main factor, matching the bait fish.

Imitating bait fish and how they behave will be the deciding factor for your bass fishing success. Done correctly and you can have yourself a once in a lifetime fishing experience.

Some of my best days on the water have come during the fall months. No matter if your catching fall bass from the shore or boat, these 5 bass baits will entice more strikes and catch bigger fish.

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1. Spinnerbaits: Imitate Bait Fish and Clusters

spinnerbait fishing for fall

Spnnerbaits are unique in the sense that they can be fished in all types of waters. You can fish them shallow or deep as well as through dense structure.

During the fall the bait fish are grouped together. For this reason I like throwing the Booyah Shad Blade. Its Designed to imitate schooling fish and one run through the water will prove it.

The four blade willow leaf design is perfect for matching bait fish in any waterway. Simply choose a color that closely resembles small bait fish in the area your fishing.

These bass fishing lures cover a lot of water and that will be key to finding fish.

RECOMMENDED TIP: Use a trailer on your spinnerbait setups. A Zoom Split Tail Trailer will add even more motion to draw more bites. The two tentacles really bring the bait to life and is a must for catch fall bass with spinnerbaits.

2. Jerkbait: Erratic Movements = Big Bass

jerkbait for fall bass

Jerkbaits are another bait that work so well when catch bass in fall. In another article I talk about why jerkbaits catch bass.

The number one reason that jerkbaits catch so many bass in fall is because they resemble injured bait fish. So if the bass are busting bait balls, we want to present bait that appears to be an easy opportunity to feed.

Jerkbaits like the Lucky Craft Pointer Series are so deadly this time of year. Don’t under estimate the power of an erratic jerk bait when your trying to catch fall bass.

3. Topwater: Walk the Dog Style

sexy dog topwater lure

I love walking the dog…. No I don’t mean my puppy. I’m talking about my topwater bass lures. The back and forth motion is signaling to big bass saying ” hey! I’m lost and scared – come eat me”.

A couple of my favorite baits are the Strike King Sexy Dog and the Heddon Zara Spook. I typically catch more fish on the Zara Spook but the Sexy Dog is a lot easier to get that back and forth motion with.

When trying to catch fall bass I really like to use white top water baits. The white colors will imitate bait better than say a bluegill pattern.

There are two main places that I like to use topwater baits. Key in on shallow points and shallow coves with cover. Anytime I can fish one of these baits in 5-15 feet of water, I like my chances in fall.

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4. Crankbiat: Catch More Bass with the Crankbait


Crankbaits work so well for catching fall bass because like the previously mentioned lures, they imitate bait fish so well. The difference with the crankbait is that now we are fishing on the bottom.

When the bass are not busting bait on the surface and the spinnerbaits or jerkbaits are not catching fish for you, turn to the crankbait.

Bass are trying to bulk up and who are we to argue with them? A large crankbait with a nice knock in it is my favorite choice. Big , fat, and loud are what we want.

I like to turn to the Norman DD22 for the deeper fish. This bait will reach over 20 feet with ease. When I need to reach that deep rock pile of deeper grass, this is the go to.

The bass are transitioning to shallow water this time of year. You are likely to find bass up in the 3-15 foot range more than the 20 foot range. For these instances I like using a square bill crankbait like the Strike King KVD are hard to beat.

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5. Swimbait: The Best Bass Lure for Catching Fall Bass

s waver fishing lure

Number five is my hands down favorite bass fishing lure to use in fall. These bass can not stand these big nasty swim baits around them. Now there are so many swimbaits that work this time of year that you really can’t go wrong.

For small swimbaits in shallow water check out my list of the best small swimbaits for bass.

Use small swimbaits if you are looking to catch large number of bass. Make sure you have a couple packs of whatever bait you choose. This time of year bass absolutely destroy the small swimbaits.

For Large swimbaits I have really come to like the River2Sea S Waver. That back and forth S swimming motion cannot be matched with any other bait. Make a long cast with these lures deep into pockets. Parallel the bank back to the boat or kayak while twitching the bat slightly.

Just last year I was catching fall bass at will using these two styles of swimbaits.

Common Questions About Fall Bass Lures

What is the best bait for bass in the fall?

Swimbaits are the top choice for big fall bass. They are available in literally any size, shape, and color. Swimbaits can be fished shallow or deep making them the perfect choice.

What do bass feed on in fall?

Bass feed on many things as they start bulking up for winter but the most common is bait fish. Bait fish such as shad or shiners provide a big steady meal for fall bass.

What colors do bass like in the fall?

Stick with shad colors in the fall. If you don’t have shad where you live, try your best to match the color of the bait fish you do have. This will be the main staple of a fall bass diet.

Conclusion – 5 Best Lures for Catching Fall Bass

Use these 5 lures on your next fall fishing trip to catch more and bigger bass. This list is comprised of the baits that work best in my experience and I am confident that they will work for you too.

Do you have a fall bass bait that didn’t make the list? Let me know in the comments down below, we love hearing form our readers.

5 best fall bass fishing lures